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The 1975 presenta su nuevo álbum “‘A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships”

THE 1975, la agrupación de Indie Rock liderada por el vocalista Mathew Healy presenta su tercer  larga duración titulado “A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships”, álbum del que ya se conocen tema como “Give Yourself a Try”, “Love It If We Made It”, “TooTimeTooTimeTooTime”, “Sincerity Is Scary” Y su más reciente sencillo : “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not with You)

“A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships”, fue producido y escrito por los miembros de la banda  Matthew Healy y George Daniel, además  conto con la colaboración de Mike Crossey quien es un reconocido productor de agrupaciones británicas como: Artic Monkeys, Foals, The Kooks y Keane entre otros .

El Líder de la agrupación Matthew Healy publico una reflexión sobre su próximo álbum hacia sus fans.

“You learn a couple things when you get to my age like friends don’t lie and it all tastes the same in the dark when your vinyl and your coffee collection is a sign of the times you’re getting spiritually enlightened at 29 so just give yourself a try won’t you  give yourself  a try?

I found a grey hair in one of my zoots like context in a modern debate i just took it out the only apparatus required for happiness is your pain and fucking going outside and getting std’s at 27 really isn’t the vibe jane took her own life at 16.

She was a kid who had the box tattooed on her arm and i was 25 and afraid to go outside a millennial that baby-boomers like won’t you  give yourself  a try? Won’t you  give?‘and what would you  say to your younger  self?’

Growing a beard’s quite hard and whiskey never starts to taste nice and you’ll make a lot of money and it’s funny cos you’ll move sunny and get addicted to drugs.

And spend obscene amounts on fucking seeds and beans online so just give yourself a try won’t you  give yourself  a try?”